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Harnessing the Healing
      Power of 

Tibe​tree Pain Relieving Plaster

A blend of traditional Tibetan medicine and modern pharmaceutical scientific techniques for fast and effective pain relief. This all-natural patch manages pain linked to arthritis, swelling and inflammation, injuries, and chronic repetitive injuries.

  • Manages symptoms of arthritis

  • Alleviates acute pain caused by swelling and inflammation

  • Loosens tight muscles and restores normal muscular function after injury

  • Treats musculoskeletal and chronic repetitive injuries


Tibetree Pain Relieving Plaster

Tibetree Pain Relieving Plaster employs a unique, patented wetting agent and dry herbal pack delivery system to maximize absorption and penetration. The high-quality fabric patch and tape allow for a one-of-a-kind, ultra-low temperature, and vacuum freeze-dried powder technology to maximize the retention of active ingredients found in our high-altitude herbs.

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